Chikara Bowls
Sumo Power Bowls
Tsuyoi "strong"

Strengthen your day with our Tsuyoi bowl, filled with kale, sweet potatoes and sustainably fresh caught tuna, to help strengthen and feed your muscles either before or after your workout.

Suji "Muscle"

Muscle Up with a deliciously sweet and savory protein packed bowl, filled with quinoa, dark greens, black pepper salmon and shrimp.

Wakamono "Youth"

Energize and revitalize your meal time with our Wakamono bowl. Filled with nutritious veggies, black rice and savory chicken specifically paired together to be high in anti-oxidants.

Yasai "Vegetables"

Delight your taste buds with a dish fit for vegans. True to it’s name Yasai (veggie) is packed with tender greens, legumes, quinoa and fresh avocado, dressed in our NEW savory vegan miso dressing.

Price: QAR 54.00