Iftar Platter for QAR 119

A sampling of our best appetizers: karaage chicken, ebi fry, edamame, gyoza, and harumaki served with complimentary Miso soup. 

Set Meals

Set Meal A for QAR 109

  • Miso Soup (2 servings), Salad (2 servings), Edamame, Teriyaki Chicken, Steamed Rice, Prawn Tempura (4 pcs.), Chicken Gyoza (4 pcs.), Yakiudon

Set Meal B for QAR 119

  • Miso Soup (2 servings), Salad (2 servings), Edamame, Salmon Nigiri (2 pcs.), Seared Garlic Salmon (2 pcs.), Prawn Tempura (4 pcs.), Sweet Potato Crunch, Crunchy Crazy, Chicken Gyoza (4 pcs.), Yakiudon

Available for takeaway, pick-up/delivery via the mobile app.
Valid from April 24th to May 23rd at all Sumo locations.
Cannot be combined with any other offers.